The 3 G’s of Mental Health

I have recently completed a series of courses through The Institute of Child Psychology for children’s mental health.

The final essay topic I submitted was about strategies that help children move from negative mental health outcomes to resiliency.

In this paper, I talked about the importance of modeling and teaching what I have called-The 3 G’s of Mental Health; Growth Mindset, Grit and Gratitude. The interlocking link between these three is Grace.

This five letter word continues to show itself in my life in many forms. I know it’s to be part of my journey and for me, it has to come from within.

Grace is self-love. Grace is patient. Grace is tenacity and strength within your own convictions.

Grace is humble and wise. Grace is growth with soulful discovery. Grace is pushing back and unpacking mental and physical discomfort disguised as guilt and shame; holding space for it while learning and healing from it.

Grace is time, unmeasured by traditional means but rather moments and memories.

Grace is whispered in the wind and felt in every cleansing exhale. Grace is the forgiving watchful eyes of our beautiful children; waiting for us to show them the strength of our own resilience.

Grace is allowing yourself to see opportunity; making a wish instead of pulling a weed. 💚

What does Grace look like for you?


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