Here we go again…first day of school and all the feelings.

Verklempt. One word that sums up my last two days perfectly.

So much beauty and gratitude far outweighs the pensiveness of these transitional days.

I’ve watched them both like a hawk in the passing weeks of summer. I’ve seen them grow and blossom into more confident, strong, capable little beings; eager to tackle the excitement of all that the first days of school brings.

I’ve seen the apprehension in the littlest ones eyes as she looks to me for reassurance when we talk about school, making new friends and all the new uncertainties in her growing world.

I’ve seen the smile on the biggest ones face as he lists off all the things he gets to do this year with all the friends he’s missed over the summer and I’m feeling all the feels. All of them. I hope and pray we’ve done a good job to prepare them for yet another year of growth and change.

To combat my own anxiety, I’ve kept my mind and body busy. Busy baking, busy writing, busy thinking, busy remembering; how their little fingers used to wrap so tightly around mine, how they relied solely on us, as their world to keep them safe and nourish their zest for knowledge through endless games of hide and seek and answering the 1000’s of questions to the best of our ability.

Every year I think it would be easier, but every year it’s just the same.

A glutton for emotional punishment, I throw on all the songs that have an important meaning in my kids life-like an 80’s montage as I flip through baby pictures and reminisce in the days gone by and day dream of where they’ll be in the future, trying so very hard to breathe in the sweetness of the present and relish in all the time we spend together. My heart is full of pride and so much love, a my brain is working on overdrive checking off the mental to-do list and my gratitude is extended to all the teachers and educators and support staff for everything that you do for our children.

Happy first day and first week!

May you always be strong and kind with a brave spirit and a fierce mind. Always remember, you can do anything.

And never forget to hug your parents and brush your teeth!

-Love, Your Mama Bear

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