To our Superheroes….

🗣 Shout out to the support systems, to the members of each of our villages, to the friends and family and friends who are family. To the doctors and therapists, Educators and mentors.

🗣Shout out to every one of you who has shown up, been there, sat through it, given a hug, given advice, sat in silence, rubbed a back, wiped tears, comforted and consoled.

🗣Shout out for perhaps not knowing the exact words to say but saying something, or nothing. For building us back up when we broke utterly and completely…sometimes for the third time that month, week or day.

🗣Shout out for your kindness and love, even more so when we don’t love ourselves.

Thank you for being superheroes. For wanting to be in our circle, even at points where we may push you away.

Thank you for silently and gently, or obviously and loudly being on our side or telling us that we’re off base and to check-in and regroup.

Thank you for at times, having no bloody clue how to handle us as we melt into a ball of anxiety and emotions but for not turning your back out of frustration or fear.

Thank you for being selfless but not forgetting about your own self; your wants and needs. Thank you for making us accountable for our thoughts, words and actions.

Thank you for reminding us that mental illness doesn’t define who we are, that are lovable and desired.

Thank you for walking this path and being part of our journey.

Thank you for reminding us that the uncomfortableness is temporary and that we will be ok, especially when we can’t see past the tears in the palms of our hands.

To our Superhero villages:we are forever grateful to you. Thank you for being true examples of what unconditional love and acceptance is. You are the fibers of this world, our world; interwoven between the chaos and contentment securely fastened with the belief and confidence that everyone deserves to be loved.

We thank you. 💚

*To each of you who’s struggling, coping or managing, you’re not alone. You are loved. You are worth it.

{📸 credit to Pinterest, what did we ever do without Pinterest! If you know of the correct artist/photographer please tag them.}

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