Family Literacy Day and YourTV Muskoka Interview

Huge Thank You to Yourtv Muskoka for doing an on air interview about this little story. Below is the link if you’d like to watch it. 😊
Special thank you to Lodestar Montessori School, Erin and the Lodestar families for continuing to be so supportive on this journey. 💗
Today is Family Literacy Day, do you have your copy of #SweetHoneyKissesForAnAnxiousBear to read at bedtime?

A question that I have been asked a couple of times is “Why did you write the story with some larger words in it, that is geared for preschool-grade 3/4 age children?”

When writing this story, I was purposeful and intentional when writing each word in the story, to make it  relatable for all audiences and readers. It was my hope that some of these unfamiliar words for the younger little bear readers would spark conversation between children and their parents or educators. It would offer a starting point for clarification questions, which would help foster that growth mindset for mindfulness and building on their emotional and self expression foundation. On family literacy day (and every day) let’s keep these conversations going with our little ones. The more we talk about mental health issues and worries, the less scary they become.

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