Book Launch!

From the bottom of my incredibly grateful heart, I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out January 12 for the book launch/signing of #SweetHoneyKissesForAnAnxiousBear. Also a great big THANKS to (the incredibly amazing!) Lodestar Montessori School for graciously allowing me to host this event at here.

I am very humbled by all the kind words and stories that were shared with me, about how this little story has already inspired many conversations with Little Bears regarding emotional regulation, children’s mental health, being a kind friend and supporting individual needs.
Let’s keep these conversations happening, be loud about mental health and help our children have a voice to support their own worries.

*A story that I shared during this event was one of my late father and his words of “wisdom”. He recently passed away, and in many ways, this book was for him. With a hint of sarcasm, his cheeky smirk and twinkle of love in his eyes, he would tell me that I was “annoyingly tenacious” and to channel that tenacity into something productive. I did it Dad and I think tenacity was worth it! Miss ya Dad, but I felt your warmth that day.

Thank you, to each of you near and far for your support and always remember, you can do anything!💗

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