My journey to publication. An open and honest piece about #mentalhealth

July 10, 2018                                                                                                                                            Those who know me well, know that my journey with anxiety has been fairly public.
I’m not afraid to talk about it because talking brings awareness and advocacy.
Lately, it seems the universe has been drawing me to do more for this and share more of my story, which also involves one of my children.
I wasn’t diagnosed with anxiety until I was well into adulthood because it wasn’t something that was talked about in my early childhood days.
When our child started to show signs of anxiety, I knew that I had to be the voice for him until he was able to express himself and his emotions.
Back in July, we were presented with an opportunity to speak on this subject on 
#Cityline in Toronto.
So, we left our small town at the crack of dawn to head to the “big city”.
In true Circus fashion, we were late getting to the studio thanks to a delay on the subway but none-the-less made it there in time to be mic’d and seated in the audience, bribing both children with something sweet as a reward if they just “sat nice and didn’t pick their noses, pull wedges or fart” while the camera was anywhere near our vicinity.
Fast forward to an hour later and it was my turn to talk. I shared some of the early signs of anxiety that we saw in our Son and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.
Because, you see-by talking about it we educate others. By talking about it we advocate for those who feel they don’t have a voice. By talking about it, it helps others not feel alone.
Advocating about this topic has been near to my heart for a while, which is the inspiration behind my first children’s book that has been published; “
Sweet Honey Kisses For An Anxious Bear” that is all about pediatric anxiety. My hope is to have it in every early years classroom and home to start those conversations.

Our local news source also did a write up about it back in July as well.
Bottom line, reach out. Seek help. Know that you’re not alone. We need to talk about it. For ourselves and our children. It’s terrifying to talk about it, but not talking about it is much worse. ✌🏼#LetsBeTheChange



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