Additional Products for Purchase

All of these items were featured in the 3 editions of Little Bear’s Anxiety Tool Boxes. Each item was mindfully chosen for the tool boxes, in exclusive collaboration with local small businesses and Mompreneurs; providing tools and resources for Little Bears as they navigate anxiety provoking situations. Each item listed below is for sale individually and only available while quantities last.

Little Bear’s Anxiety Tool Box tools

Summer Rainbow Energy Rice, by Little Dreamers
Playing with this bag of beautiful hand-dyed non-toxic rice, allows the brain to calm and focus on the tactile sense. It’s a perfect outlet for sensory seekers while simultaneously developing fine motor skills.
$6.00/bag, comes with wooden scoop

Happy Doh Bath Soap, by Happy Hippo Bath
This delicious smelling tin of bath tub play-doh soap is a great addition to a bath time routine. It will surely bring a smile to your Little Bear’s face while adding a bit of play, creativity and relaxation in the tub. **There’s 2 different scents: Banana Split & Wild Watermelon.**

Worry Jars
Use this jar as a safe space to hold your worries that you write down, or draw, and when you’re ready, share them with a safe adult.

Worry Essential Oils roller bottle.
These roller bottles are filled with a wonderful calming blend of bergamot, wild orange and lavender-a great relaxing combo for anxiety relief. All oils are pure from the Young Living and Doterra collections. The carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil-an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Apply as needed to the wrists or along the spine to enhance the sense of peace and calm.

Lava rock anxiety bracelets
Wear this beautiful bracelet and add a drop or two of your favourite calming essential oil onto the lava beads for a lasting calming effect amd a gentle reminder of how brave and loved you are.
$6.00/ea or 2 for $10.00

Judy Spreads Joy, from Calm on Purpose-Courtney Murrell
A delightful book about self acceptance, trust, patience and gratitude.

Peace Tea blend, by Algonquin Tea Co.
This individual tea sachet is a delightful, calming blend of naturally sourced herbs which help calm the mind and body before tucking in for bed.

Worry Pets
These adorable and special pets are here to listen to any worries that you may have. As Dr. Daniel Siegel says “we must name it to tame it”. So give your pet a name, with a trusted adult: talk about your worries, identify your emotions and how they make your body feel and it will help to calm your anxious mind and body and help you not feel alone.
It also can double as a sensory fidget with the soft material and they’re each put on a (removable if you need) ring that easily clips to coats, backpacks, zippers etc. These big guys come in an assortment of colours to choose from.
$5.00/ea or 2 for $8.00

Meditation Posters, by Mindful Mel
Follow the guided meditations and breathing exercises on each poster to practice mindfulness. This is such a wonderful tool to learn early in life that Little Bears can use at any time to help them calm their minds and refocus. These posters come in a set of 2