Have you seen Secret Life of Pets 2?…

Have you and your Little Bears seen Secret Life of Pets 2?…

There’s one scene, one particular quote from that movie that has stuck with me for over two weeks now, and without giving away too much I wanted to share it..

Rooster: The first step of not being afraid, is acting like you’re not afraid. So, are you scared?

[Max cowering down shaking with fear]

Max: No.

Rooster: Are you scared?

[Max brings himself to full height with confidence]

Max: No! No, I’m not!

Rooster: Now you’re talking.

As a Mom, I find it tricky to walk the fine line between acknowledging and honoring my children’s fears and anxiety without feeding into it. Offering a source comfort and support, with gentle guidance and appreciation for individuality. I want my children to know that it’s ok to be afraid, it’s ok to feel insecure and unsure about newness, change and challenges, but that inside (sometimes deep down) is the root of confidence, tenacity and determination.

So while it’s normal and completely ok (more than ok actually) to be worried, anxious, angry or upset I want them to know that it’s always ok to reach out and talk. I want them to know that even though life at times will be hard, messy, complicated, sad or nerve wracking that confidence and the power of the mind and thought can help them through.

To me, there’s a huge difference in honoring anxiety and anxious thoughts but not letting them become overpowering vs stifling and denying the emotions.

To me, these differences seed themselves at a young age, starting with conversations about mental health, love, support acceptance and kindness and the gentle reminder that it’s ok not to be ok.

So, to all the parents out there who are the “Roosters”…you’re doing a great job encouraging the Little Bears of the next generation that fears are real but you’re stronger than you think; and to all the “Max’s” out there, honor your fears and talk about them but don’t (try not to) set up camp within them.

Love yourself and don’t be anybody but yourself.



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