Mindfulness of Breathing

A few days ago I received this beautiful handmade gift from a soul sista of mine.
This sweet person understands all too well what anxiety feels like and the grip and restriction that it can sometimes have on your body and your breath.
This mindful breathing necklace helps to refocus your mind and body back to calm and restorative breath while you inhale through your nose and exhale through the necklace tube.
It’s now one of my most used and loved pieces, a tool that I have used daily since receiving it.
Thank you @barefootinmuskoka, Sevenofivegypsy 

If you want to purchase your own or for an #AnxietyWarrior in your life, send a DM to Ursula at http://hotsta.net/sevenofivegypsy
Have a wonderful day and take a moment to breathe in gratitude. 💕

No photo description available.

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