Gratitude journals in all their glory-according to the Little Bear

One thing we *try* to practice in our house is mindfulness. Being present in the moments, accepting and celebrating each other’s uniqueness and expressing gratitude, especially on those rough days.
So tonight, at bedtime when my biggest little was sharing his rough day with us, and having a hard time settling his thoughts for bed we decided to journal.
I asked him to write 3 things he was thankful for and I’d come back to check on him and discuss.
Less than 5 minutes later, he told me he was finished and to my amazement, he had written down 20(!!) things on his list.
As we read them aloud we shared some great belly laughs and I was yet again amazed by his resilience and tender heart.

During my high anxiety times, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of thoughts in my brain that swallow me with “what if” and negative thoughts.
Since I started doing my own gratitude journal about a year ago, it has significantly helped reduce my anxiety and bring my focus back to all the positives.
Perhaps you may consider adding this to your anxiety tool kit for yourself and/or your little ones. Ive found it to be a fantastic reminder to appreciate the small things that mean the world to me.

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