Herstories-Cogeco TV

A few weeks back I was honored to be a part of the Herstories-yourTV show segment on Cogeco TV with the very lovely Kathleen May.

If you have CogecoTV, the episode is airing 3 more times this weekend and I’ll share the hyperlink for the episode on my website once it’s posted.

This interview was very dear to me; discussing paediatric anxiety, adult anxiety and touching on alcoholism/addiction and mental health from a personal point of view.

We, as parents, educators and society needs to keep talking about mental health especially with our youngest members of society.

Maybe by talking about it with our children starting at a young age, we can plant the seed for self care and the importance that mental health plays in our overall well-being.

Here’s some behind the scenes shots, courtesy of my personal paparazzi and super handsome and supportive husband. 💗



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