Paediatric Anxiety, blog post for Parenting expert-Nanny Robina

I was honored and jumped at the opportunity when parenting expert, Nanny Robina from the daytime show Cityline asked me to do a guest blog post for her website regarding paediatric anxiety.

Do you have a child that consistently has a sore tummy, or doesn’t want to go to school? How about a child who is overly sensitive to loud noises, smells, bright lights or the way food tastes? If you answered yes to any of those signs, your little one could be suffering from paediatric anxiety.

“My tummy hurts” he said as he chewed his fingernails, looking around wide-eyed. My son was almost 4 when we started to notice that he was experiencing paediatric anxiety. For the most part, he had been an easy infant, toddler and preschooler. He was quieter, observant and kind. He had a laugh that came right from his toes, and that chin dimple when he smiled was enough to make anyone’s heart melt….

Click here to read the full blog post.

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