Stepping out of my comfort zone…

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone, talked myself through high anxiety and self doubt to show myself and my children that sometimes you need to persevere, be brave and put yourself out there to (hopefully) make a positive difference.

I had an incredible opportunity to present at Nipissing University in North Bay for the 3rd year #socialwork program. It was wonderful to share with the students my own personal #anxietywarrior journey and read my new book #SweetHoneyKissesforanAnxiousBear. We had a great discussion on #anxiety and #mentalhealth from a personal perspective and I was asked some really great questions! One in particular that stood out was, how does someone who doesn’t have anxiety help and support someone they care about that does?

My response back is one that might be useful for others who are in relationships (partner, spouse, parent etc) and friendships with an anxiety warrior.

“Reassure them that they are safe, loved and supported.”

Anxiety is about fear. Any and all types of fears/worries and do you know what helps?…Knowing we have a strong support team that surrounds us with patience, kindness and love. Little reminders to take a breath, to cry and even to laugh are great too.

Thank you Nippissing University!💗

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